Real Wedding –  N & T

Congratulations to the newlyweds who chose our reception venue to celebrate their special day! Your love radiated throughout the room as you exchanged vows and shared your commitment to each other with your loved ones. We are honored to have been a part of your love story and wish you a lifetime of happiness, romance, […]

Real Wedding –  Aylin & Dylan

Aylin & Dylan’s wedding once again showcased the Bliss Room as the ultimate choice for unforgettable celebrations. Its timeless charm and magical ambiance provided the perfect setting for their special day, proving why it’s the go-to venue for creating cherished memories.

Real Wedding –  Stalis & Yen

To the beautiful couple who honored us with their traditional wedding at our reception, may your love story continue to flourish and grow with each passing day. Your commitment to each other is truly inspiring, and we feel grateful to have been a part of your special day. Wishing you all the happiness and love […]

Real Wedding –  Abli & Yerusalem

Abli and Yerusalem’s love story is one woven with warmth, laughter, and the promise of forever. As they embark on this beautiful journey together, they chose our venue to be the backdrop for their union—a place where dreams merge with reality.

Real Wedding – Tristan & Tina

As the gentle melody of music fills the air and the soft glow of candlelight dances around them, couples are surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones, creating moments that will forever be etched in their hearts. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand affair, the Delphinium room transforms into a canvas where […]

Real Wedding –  Lucy & Luke

In the enchanting embrace of our Bliss Room, Lucy and Luke shared their vows, weaving a tapestry of love and commitment. Surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight and the fragrance of blossoms, their union radiated warmth and joy. As family and friends gathered to celebrate, we witnessed the start of their journey together. Join […]

Real Wedding –  Jessica & Andrew

In the Bliss Room, where dreams take flight and love knows no bounds, Jessica and Andrew exchange vows that resonate with a depth of emotion only found in true love stories. Their words, like petals on a gentle breeze, carry promises of devotion, laughter, and unwavering support, sealing their bond for eternity.